Oshkosh wins $160M foreign sales contract for JLTV

By Nickolai Sukharev / November 21, 2023 at 9:45 AM

Oshkosh won a $160 million contract to produce the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle for seven foreign militaries, the Defense Department announced Thursday.

The company will manufacture JLTVs for Mongolia, North Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia at the company’s facility in Oshkosh, WI, by an estimated completion date of Sept. 25, 2025, the announcement reads.

Other foreign purchasers of the JLTV include Brazil, Lithuania and Montenegro. Oshkosh received contracts earlier this month and in September to produce the JLTV for the Army.

Intended to replace a portion of the Army’s humvees, the JLTV is a family of four-wheeled vehicles designed to transport personnel and payloads during military operations.

It has a four-seat combat tactical variant and a two-seat combat support variant. The combat tactical variant features a turret and cargo hold designed to carry heavier weapons. The combat support variant is designed to transport cargo.

To reduce fuel consumption and minimize engine noise, the JLTV will also feature lithium-ion batteries.

Earlier this month, the Army issued a request for information for a Mobile Long Range Precision Strike Missile designed to be carried on the JTLV and Army’s forthcoming electric Light Reconnaissance Vehicle.

In October, Oshkosh announced a decrease in sales after losing the next JLTV production contract to AM General. In June, the Government Accountability Office denied Oshkosh’s protest of the Army’s decision.

The Army is slated to procure 2,601 JLTVs in fiscal year 2024, according to budget documents.

The Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force will also procure smaller portions of JLTVs.