Pentagon schedules public meeting on technical data

By Marjorie Censer / November 25, 2019 at 9:15 AM

The Defense Department is planning a Dec. 20 public meeting on amending defense acquisition regulations related to technical data and computer software, according to a Federal Register notice.

The notice, published today, says the department is seeking the “views of experts and interested parties in government and the private sector.”

The Pentagon says in the notice that it is considering statutory amendments as well as recommendations from the Government-Industry Advisory Panel on Technical Data Rights, also known as the Section 813 panel.

“To facilitate discussion at the public meeting, DOD anticipates publication of advance notices of proposed rulemaking, which will include initial drafts of the [Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement] amendments, prior to the public meetings,” the notice adds. “This approach is based in part on a recommendation of the Section 813 Panel to invite industry to participate in the drafting of rules concerning technical data rights.”

Specifically, the Pentagon would like to discuss a DFARS case on negotiation of price for technical data and preference for specially negotiated licenses.

“After this meeting, DOD anticipates scheduling and hosting additional public meetings, structured in the same manner and for the same overall objective” about several other DFARS cases, including ones on continuation of technical data rights during challenges, noncommercial computer software and proprietary data restrictions, among other cases.

Registration is due by Dec. 13.