Peraton files suit against Raytheon

By Marjorie Censer / September 21, 2017 at 10:58 AM

Peraton, the company created through a spin-off of the Harris IT services business, has filed a lawsuit against Raytheon, alleging Raytheon breached its contract and miappropriated its trade secrets.

According to an amended complaint filed this week in federal court, Peraton states it planned to team with Raytheon on two different contracts to support a national security agency.

"Peraton disclosed trade secrets to Raytheon under the protections of the agreements," the court document claims. "Raytheon later elected to pursue the same two contracts independently as a competitor to Peraton and pursue teaming opportunities with other competitors of Peraton."

According to the complaint, Raytheon at first agreed to "firewall" certain employees with access to Harris' trade secrets but then dropped the firewalls.

"Extensive efforts by Peraton to encourage Raytheon to reinstate the firewalls that Raytheon previously determined were needed have failed," the company alleges. "Additionally, Raytheon has failed to provide any assurances regarding the scope of its distribution of Peraton’s trade secrets internally or externally."

According to the complaint, Peraton is seeking a jury trial.

In a court filing earlier this month -- before the amended complaint was filed -- Raytheon argued Peraton's suit is only meant to prevent Raytheon from teaming with another company on the contract opportunities.

"Peraton did not file this suit based on any legitimate concern that its confidential information would be disclosed or used by Raytheon," the document states. "Indeed, Peraton does not even allege that Raytheon has actually used or disclosed any Peraton confidential information."

Raytheon contends the agreement with Peraton was "always expressly non-exclusive" and calls the lawsuit's claims "baseless."