Perna: Modernization needs to inform readiness for future force

By Jaspreet Gill / February 4, 2020 at 12:36 PM

The commanding general of Army Materiel Command says the service needs to work its readiness and modernization priorities together in fiscal year 2021 to succeed in the future fight.

"First the Army [needs to] be ready, but if we don't figure out what to modernize so we can move into the future, it might not matter how ready we are," Gen. Gus Perna said to reporters today at a Defense Writers Group breakfast.

His comments come after McCarthy earlier this month told reporters AMC will be an integral part of the service's readiness priority in FY-21.

Perna told reporters AMC is working to support Army Futures Command and its chief, Gen. Mike Murray, with modernization efforts but added it's important the service doesn't "over-engineer modernization."

"We're selective and hold ourselves accountable to putting things on the battlefield that are needed to beat the enemy with an understanding that they are every day trying to out-modernize us," he said. "They're not constrained by our rules and regulations and laws."

He listed his three priorities: Enabling readiness through Army installations, making sure power projection capabilities are integrated and synchronized and supporting Army Forces Command's Gen. Michael Garrett in ensuring all tactical capabilities for readiness are maintained.

"I think my guidance from [McCarthy] and [Army Chief of Staff Gen. James McConville] is clear," Perna said. "It's readiness, it's modernization, it's reform."