Perspecta CEO predicts six-month extension to current NGEN services contract

By Justin Katz / August 7, 2020 at 2:17 PM

Perspecta's chief executive this week said he believes the Navy will extend the company's contract to operate the service's intranet by six months.

Mac Curtis told analysts his company is under contract for the services management segment of the Navy's Next Generation Enterprise Network program, which provides the Navy-Marine Corps Intranet, through the end of December 2020.

He also said his company and the Navy are discussing a six-month extension with three one-month option periods.

"If this happens, which we believe that it will, that it's feasible that we will be under contract through the end of June" and potentially July, August and September, Curtis said.

Curtis' comments come days after Leidos executives told investors that Perspecta's lawsuit has delayed the transition of services associated with NGEN to Leidos, which won a $7.7 billion contract in February.