QinetiQ to build CRS(I) small robot and universal controller for Army

March 15, 2019 at 1:16 PM

QinetiQ North America has beaten Endeavor Robotics for a production award worth up to $152 million to develop the Common Robotic System (Individual), the Army announced this week.

CRS(I) is the Army's first small-sized -- less than 25 pounds -- robotic program of record.

QinetiQ and Endeavor competed for the award under a $429.1 million hybrid contract for the engineering and manufacturing development phase featuring a competitive prototype “run-off” test in October.

The low-rate initial production award includes an order for a universal controller for “current and future unmanned air and ground platforms, a suite of payloads and an open architecture common mobility platform allowing for future capability growth,” the Army said in a March 12 release.

CRS(I) is intended to provide dismounted soldiers enhanced situational awareness and protection from threats.

The service expects to field CRS(I) in fiscal year 2020.