Raytheon CEO: Post-election, deficit hawk 'concern' no longer a problem

November 7, 2018 at 11:54 AM

Yesterday's election has led to an improved environment, Tom Kennedy, Raytheon's chief executive, said during a Baird conference today.

Kennedy told attendees he has found both parties supportive of defense spending; the chief difference, he said, has been their stances on domestic spending.

"The one concern that we did have was relative to the deficit hawks," Kennedy said. "Most of the deficit hawks were in the House [of Representatives] and on the Republican side, so with the House actually going Democratic, it actually changes the equation a little bit."

"In the endgame, from our perspective, we feel that the environment is actually nice now. It's settled," he added. "The uncertainty's taken out, and we don't have this issue with the deficit hawks moving forward."