Raytheon tests non-kinetic counter-drone technology

By Ethan Sterenfeld / July 23, 2021 at 10:50 AM

Raytheon Technologies' Coyote Block 3 non-kinetic effector defeated a swarm of 10 drones in a recent test funded by the Army's Indirect Fires and Rapid Capabilities Office, the company announced July 21.

The system had its first air-to-air non-kinetic defeats, first recovery and reuse in the same event and the first successful launch from the Coyote Block 2 system, according to a Raytheon press release.

Coyote is a small unmanned aerial system from Raytheon, which can perform counter-UAS missions.

“Derived from the expendable Coyote loitering munition, the Block 3 utilizes a non-kinetic warhead to neutralize enemy drones, reducing potential collateral damage,” the company stated in the press release. “Unlike its expendable counterpart, the non-kinetic variant can be recovered, refurbished and reused without leaving the battlefield.”

The non-kinetic effector has a high technology readiness level, a company spokeswoman wrote to Inside Defense. Raytheon eventually hopes to field it to the Army and is in discussions with other services.

“The demonstration moves the variant closer to deployment and we are planning with our U.S. Army customer to determine timelines,” the spokeswoman wrote.

The spokeswoman declined to detail what types of non-kinetic effects the warhead used, citing an Army request for secrecy.