Reaching Out

By John Liang / August 26, 2009 at 5:00 AM

The Joint IED Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) announced today that it would host a conference in October to bring government and industry leaders together to discuss new ways to counter improvised explosive devices. According to a JIEDDO statement:

As part of its efforts to defeat the IED as a weapon of strategic influence, JIEDDO will host the 2009 JIEDDO Fall Technology Outreach Conference (JTOC) on October 27-29 in College Park, Maryland.

The JTOC is designed to facilitate innovative cooperation and business opportunities for participating companies and organizations, with the ultimate goal of supporting the warfighter. The fall JTOC provides a forum for representatives from government, industry, academia, and federal laboratories as well as our Coalition partners to network capabilities and expertise in a classified forum.

The three-day event offers conference attendees the opportunity to hear presentations ranging from a Coalition Update to an overview of emerging threats from JIEDDO’s Competitive Strategies Group. In addition to the presentations, attendees can actively participate in comprehensive discussions with JIEDDO program integrators, scientists, warfighters, and intelligence specialists during the panel sessions. Each panel session will focus on JIEDDO’s most urgent technology gaps and highlight the organization’s “Attack the Network” and “Defeat the Device” counter-IED initiatives in various areas.

The panel session topics include:

• Threat Phenomenological Data for Analysis & Experimentation
• Sensor Data & Information Fusion
• Airborne Counter IED Systems
• Roadside IED Defeat
• Signatures Detection
• Social Dynamics Analysis: Non-Kinetic Attack
• CREW Update
• Underbelly
• Blasting Cap Defeat
• Predictive Analysis: Advanced Analytics
• SeRF

Attendees can also conduct private meetings with JIEDDO personnel. These 15-minute meetings, held immediately following the panel sessions, are designed to address issues where business confidentiality may be a concern and establish follow-on points of contact. Conference attendees can sign up online and are required to submit a “read ahead” prior to the meeting.

Potential attendees can check out JIEDDO's Web site for more information on the conference.

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