Rheinmetall invests in tech integration for U.S. vehicles

By Ethan Sterenfeld / January 31, 2022 at 4:17 PM

Rheinmetall plans to hire more engineers at its facility in Maine to develop situational awareness, fire control and turret technologies for the U.S. combat vehicle market, the company announced last week.

“With this significant investment, American Rheinmetall Systems will add systems and software engineers to its Biddeford team, transfer base turret technology from Germany and the UK, and establish systems integration capabilities within its facility,” the announcement stated. There will be a particular focus on designing fire control systems and turrets for the U.S. market.

Rheinmetall is competing to build the Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle, the Bradley replacement, and the additional capabilities will support that effort, according to the announcement.

The company plans to offer the turret and associated technology to other prime contractors for future vehicle modernization programs, but not for the OMFV competition, a Rheinmetall spokeswoman wrote in an email last week.

Engineers at Rheinmetall’s Biddeford, ME facility will have access to turret designs the company uses in other countries, and they will be able to make changes to match U.S. requirements, the spokeswoman wrote.

Rheinmetall has sought to grow its presence and increase competition in the U.S. ground vehicle market as a potential prime contractor for the OMFV and the Army’s next heavy tactical truck.