SAIC CEO says teaming with Polaris marks ‘pivot’ in company’s approach to vehicles

By Marjorie Censer / September 6, 2019 at 10:15 AM

Science Applications International Corp.’s partnership with Polaris to pursue the Army Infantry Squad Vehicle program demonstrates the company’s new “posture and position,” according to SAIC’s chief executive.

In a call with analysts Thursday evening, Nazzic Keene, who formally took the reins of the company last month, said SAIC has made a “pivot” and has “rethought about what made the most sense for us in these major programs of record and manufacturing of vehicles.”

SAIC recently pursued, but ultimately lost two major programs of record: the Marine Corps’ Amphibious Combat Vehicle program and the Army’s Mobile Protected Firepower competition.

In August, SAIC said it will help prepare Polaris’ DAGOR vehicle for the Army ISV effort.

During yesterday’s call, Keene cited that teaming as evidence that SAIC has “elected to take a very different posture and position.”

“This is a great example of that, where it’s a proven vehicle,” she added. “Our role is really to help engineer it, to strengthen the C4ISR and work with our partner in delivering a strong vehicle versus us owning the manufacturing of something along those lines.”

Meanwhile, SAIC said Thursday sales during its most recent quarter reached nearly $1.6 billion, up about 43% from the same three-month period a year earlier. The company attributed the growth to its acquisition of Engility and said that, adjusted for the acquisition, sales “were consistent” with the prior year’s quarterly revenue.

The company recorded quarterly profit of $57 million, up 16% from a year earlier.