SDA to procure 20 T2TL Gamma variant satellites to lift off in June 2027

By Apurva Minchekar / December 6, 2023 at 11:30 AM

The Space Development Agency is planning to procure 20 Tranche 2 Transport Layer Gamma variant satellites that are scheduled to launch by June 2027, according to a draft solicitation notice issued Monday.

“T2TL features multiple space vehicles and mission configuration variants procured through a multi-solicitation and multi-vendor acquisition approach,” the agency said in the notice.

The T2TL Gamma satellites will be equipped with unique payloads designed to “close future kill chains” through the Proliferated Warfighter Space Architecture, the notice states.

Describing the system design, the agency noted that 20 SVs will be divided into two constellations, each with 10 satellites and will include optical communications terminals to assist in-plane and cross-plane links; links to terrestrial OCTs; and links to compatible SVs external to the Transport Layer.

SDA said the T2TL SVs, SDA operations centers and the T1TL SVs will create a communication web that will provide resilient, low-latency and high-throughput data exchange from anywhere across the globe.

The contract will be awarded to a single vendor who can develop OCTs; warlock mission payload; space vehicle bus; perform system integration; operations and sustainment personnel; and Network Established Beyond the Upper Limits of the Atmosphere operations, the agency noted.

The initial launch capability of the T2TL Gamma space vehicles is scheduled for September 2026, the notice reads.

Recently, the Defense Department also issued a request for information for developing warlock capacity for the T2TL-Gamma variant satellite constellation.