Sept. 11, 2010

By Jason Sherman / July 19, 2010 at 3:48 PM

That is the date tentatively set for the Marine Corps' change of command, according to Pentagon sources. The date -- which, of course, coincides with the ninth anniversary of terrorist attacks that triggered two wars -- is predicated on Senate confirmation of Gen. James Amos to replace Gen. James Conway to be the service's next commandant. No date for Amos' confirmation hearing is yet set but Pentagon sources are hopeful a hearing will be set later this month.

As for the change-of-command ceremony, one congressional official involved in defense matters questioned why such an event -- which, he said involves “a celebration” -- should take place on that date.

The hijacked American Airlines Flight 77 airplane that slammed into the Pentagon between corridor 4 and corridor 5 that day killed 64 passengers as well as 125 people inside the building.