Shahahan sees 'opportunity' in developing new defense technologies with Japan

By Tony Bertuca / April 19, 2019 at 12:01 PM

Acting Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan said he will be meeting with Japanese Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya at the Pentagon today to discuss ways in which the industrial bases of both nations can work more closely on next-generation technologies in the areas of cyber, space and autonomy.

"We're going to talk about these new domains," Shanahan said during a joint press conference at the State Department this morning. "What can our industry do based on how we develop policy in the areas of cyber, space and autonomy?"

"The industrial base in Japan has worked closely with the American industrial base," he added. "We see this as a security opportunity and an industrial opportunity."

Shanahan said U.S. and Japanese defense strategies are "aligned" to deter a rising China, but must seek to execute budgets and streamline the foreign military sales process.

"We're working to take the budgets that have been put in place and execute," he said. "How do we really develop capability in the cyber and space domain, because it's an area where we're not limited by geography."