Sole-Source IT

By James Drew / April 24, 2015 at 3:14 PM

The Air Force's use of sole-source information technology contracts was properly justified in the 58 cases reviewed by the Pentagon's inspector general, even though 20 of those files did not contain all of the documents required to comply with certain federal acquisition regulations because contracting staff were not properly trained.

In a report published April 24, the DOD IG considered whether Air Force IT contracts issues without competition were properly justified, and 58 contracts surveyed with a combined value of $154.3 million generally held up under scrutiny, despite 20 of those not fully complying with statutory regulations.

"Air Force contracting personnel stated they did not meet the FAR requirements because of a lack of training," the report states.

The Air Force agreed with the DOD IG's recommendation that the service train contracting workers better or issue a memorandum on the matter. A memorandum will be issued by next month, the service said in its formal response to the report.