Space Force announces MUOS industry day

By Michael Marrow / September 9, 2022 at 1:55 PM

The Space Force will hold an unclassified industry day on Sept. 29 for vendors interested in competing for the procurement contract for two new satellites for the military's Mobile User Objective System, according to an announcement posted by the service.

MUOS is the Pentagon’s narrowband satellite communications system operated by the Space Force that provides secure communications for mobile users in the ultra-high-frequency band. The service is seeking vendors to build two new satellites, called MUOS SV6 and SV7, to replenish the existing constellation of four satellites in geosynchronous orbit and extend the system’s service life.

Acquisition of the new satellites will be conducted in two phases, according to the announcement, and up to two vendors may be selected in the process.

The first phase will consist of an early satellite design and risk-reduction phase, the announcement says. The second will be a competition between phase 1 awardees for “final satellite design, production and delivery.”

The Space Force plans to issue a draft request for proposals early in the first quarter of fiscal year 2023, according to the report, which will be followed by a final RFP in 2Q FY-23.