Space Force to conduct industry day on proposed space testing range

By Apurva Minchekar / May 1, 2023 at 5:11 PM

The Space Force and other agencies will host an industry day in Colorado Springs, CO on its proposed National Space Test and Training Complex idea from June 22 to June 23, according to a recent notice posted by the Air Force.

The industry day aims to share information on the NSTTC system concept, acquisition strategy and projected timelines.

According to the notice, the NSTTC is an effort led by Space Training and Readiness Command in partnership with Space Systems Command and the Space Force Office of Test and Evaluation, that comprises an electromagnetic spectrum range, cyber range, orbital range and digital complex.

The NSTTC also supports the development of new joint multidomain operating concepts and integrates joint mission partners.

“For the services, STARCOM will train Guardians on the NSTTC to effectively execute their missions in support of named operations and tasked numbered Operations Plans, deliberately developing Guardians for their primary roles of in-domain space warfighters and joint combat enablers,” the Space Force said when it unveiled its plan for the training range in a vision document late last year.

In addition, it will also provide space forces with realistic, threat-informed test and training environments to enhance their ability to analyze and respond to current and future threats within a joint warfighting context, according to the document.

NSTTC's vision is to provide space warfighters interconnected, scalable, and distributed physical and digital ranges for full spectrum test and training, which will help to develop, validate and sharpen joint warfighting solutions in conflict, states the vision document. It focuses on four areas: Service Capability, Joint Applicability, Integrated Test and Threat Replication.