SSC to convene interface working group for GPS

By Michael Marrow / July 14, 2022 at 10:47 AM

Space Systems Command will host a public meeting of the Interface Control Working Group on Sept. 28 to discuss GPS interface requirements, according to a notice posted in today’s Federal Register.

ICWG is composed of representatives from the military, government agencies, foreign representatives and industry to develop interface requirements for the Global Positioning System and other systems that communicate with it.

The group creates formal requirements for GPS interfaces that are detailed in Interface Control Documents. Five public ICDs are active, according to the ICWG website.

The group’s last meeting was in September 2021, where members discussed updates to ICDs that govern interface requirements between the GPS space and user segments for radio frequency links one, two and five and the link one civil signal transmitted from GPS to navigation receivers on link one, the September 2021 meeting announcement states.

The upcoming ICWG meeting will discuss the same ICDs as last year -- known as IS-GPS-200, IS-GPS-705 and IS-GPS-800 -- in addition to ICD-GPS-870, the Federal Register notice reads. ICD-GPS-870 specifies “the functional data transfer interface between the GPS Next Generation Operational Control System and the GPS user and user-support communities,” the ICWG website states.