Stefany outlines Navy's 2022 acquisition goals

By Audrey Decker / January 24, 2022 at 12:08 PM

The Navy's acquisition force is focusing on moving from a platform-driven to a dynamic portfolio approach to acquisitions in 2022 and to making sustainment an acquisition effort, according to a memorandum obtained by Inside Defense.

Frederick Stefany, performing the duties of assistant Navy secretary for research, development and acquisition, said the service will treat sustainment as an acquisition program to support shipyard and maintenance efforts, according to the Jan. 20 memo.

Stefany outlines five operational focus areas for 2022: promote best practices from industry and government; deliver relevant software capability; improve diversity and talent in the workforce; build relationships with international partners and other services; and accelerate new technologies into the fleet.

“Regarding cost, we must continue to drive opportunity to ‘bend the cost curve’ by replicating and scaling efforts such as evolutionary development, designing for sustainability and digital transformation,” the memo states.

The service aims to increase enterprise-wide approaches to balance savings and divestments, according to the document.

“As the DON continues to make difficult choices in a fiscally constrained environment, it will be more important than ever to ensure mission alignment with our DON budget priorities. Our efforts to develop and field platforms, systems and technologies will provide Sailors and Marines the capability overmatch required in this strategic competition,” the memo states.