STRATCOM chief due to hear from top advisers

By Ben Dupont / March 13, 2023 at 3:21 PM

Gen. Anthony Cotton, commander of U.S. Strategic Command, will be briefed by the STRATCOM Strategic Advisory Group later this month.

The March 29-30 meeting will include updates on “Stockpile Assessment, Operational Risk and Cost Framework for Next Generation NC3 Capabilities, NC3 Readiness and Sustainment, USSTRATCOM Inter-Combatant Command Planning and Coordination, Resource Sharing in Parallel and Phased Planning and Engagements in Cyber, Nuclear Weapons Tracking, and Multi-Party Nuclear Dynamics and Deterrence,” according to a March 13 Federal Register notice.

Cotton released a posture statement last week detailing STRATCOM’s outlook for fiscal year 2024.

The meeting is closed to the public, according to the notice.