Talking Trucks

By Marjorie Censer / December 3, 2009 at 5:00 AM

Texas lawmakers sat down with the Army today to discuss the award of the Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles "rebuy" contract, which was granted to Oshkosh earlier this year.

According to a press release, a bipartisan delegation of lawmakers -- including Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R) and Rep. Michael McCaul (R) -- was scheduled to sit down with service officials to ask them "to reconsider the flawed bidding process that has mistakenly awarded the FMTV contract to a bidder with zero experience building these armored trucks and is requesting millions of dollars in government aide to create a facility where they can be built."

Houston Mayor Bill White (D) was also set to attend.

Incumbent BAE Systems has its FMTV production facility in Sealy, TX. BAE, as well as losing bidder Navistar, has protested the decision to the Government Accountability Office. GAO is set to rule by Dec. 14.