Trump to call for 'peace through strength' at State of the Union

By Tony Bertuca / January 27, 2018 at 2:00 PM

President Trump is expected to deliver a familiar message on defense and national security at his State of the Union address on Tuesday, calling for "peace through strength," a "rebuilding" of the military and "clarity" in terms of U.S. allies and adversaries, according to a senior administration official who briefed reporters.

The official, who spoke to reporters Friday, said "building a safe, strong and proud America" will be the central theme of the speech.

The speech is expected to adhere to the administration's new National Security Strategy and National Defense Strategy.

Meanwhile, as first reported by Inside Defense, the administration is poised to request a significant increase in defense spending for fiscal year 2019.

The senior administration official declined to provide policy specifics, but said the speech's other key topics would include a focus on economic prosperity, a $1 trillion infrastructure effort, reciprocal trade deals and immigration.

Trump can also be expected to "talk about North Korea," the official said.

The president's speech comes amid gridlock in Congress that shut down the federal government for three days. If a bipartisan agreement is not reached on spending -- which also includes debate about immigration policy -- the government could again close when a short-term continuing resolution expires Feb. 8.