UAV Detector

By Courtney Albon, Gabe Starosta / July 10, 2014 at 10:04 PM

The introduction of remotely piloted aircraft into the national airspace has created a need for aircraft like the UH-1N Huey to detect RPAs, according to the commander of the 54th Helicopter Squadron at Minot Air Force Base, ND.

Lt. Col. Christopher Brady said the Huey doesn't feature any equipment that would allow the helicopter to detect signals released by unmanned aircraft, but the squadron expects to have a short-term solution as more UAVs come online.

That solution involves equipping the chopper with iPad-like flight books with a plug-in antenna system that would detect and display the UAV signals on a map, according to Brady, who added that the issue is likely to affect many aircraft, not just the Huey.