U.S., India considering Indian shipyards to repair Navy ships

By Audrey Decker / April 14, 2022 at 12:29 PM

The United States and India are considering using Indian shipyards to repair U.S. ships, according to the Fourth Annual U.S.-India 2+2 Ministerial Dialogue.

Both countries will “encourage” reciprocal participation in each other’s defense supply chains, according to a statement released Monday.

“To further enhance defense industrial cooperation in the naval sector, both sides agreed to explore possibilities of utilizing the Indian shipyards for repair and maintenance of ships of the U.S. Maritime Sealift Command to support mid-voyage repair of U.S. naval ships,” according to the statement.

“Acknowledging that our navies have been a driving force in advancing the United States and India’s shared interests in the Indian Ocean Region and the wider Indo-Pacific, the Ministers discussed opportunities to further advance and deepen maritime cooperation,” the Pentagon said today in response to a question taken during yesterday’s press briefing.

The Navy is undergoing a major shipyard improvement effort -- the 20-year Shipyard Infrastructure Optimization Program -- in hopes of revamping the nation’s four public shipyards.

However, SIOP has received backlash from Congress due to plan delays and cost overruns.