V-22 Osprey deemed safe to fly

By Lee Hudson / August 9, 2017 at 10:13 AM

Despite a recent V-22 Osprey mishap off the northeastern coast of Australia, the Marine Corps has determined the tilt-rotor aircraft is safe to fly.

On Aug. 5, an MV-22B struck the flight deck of an amphibious transport dock ship on final approach and then crashed into the water, according to the Naval Safety Center. Twenty-three of 26 personnel aboard the tilt-rotor aircraft have been rescued and three were announced deceased.

The Marine Corps has launched a full investigation into the mishap to determine the cause, instituted a 48-hour "operational pause" to review unit safety procedures, collected firsthand accounts of personnel involved, analyzed all factors contributing to the mishap with senior aviation leadership, and the squadron commanding officer met with personnel to reiterate the importance of adhering to flight standards and safety procedures, according to an Aug. 9 service statement.

"Salvage and recovery operations are now underway, with the assistance of the crew of the HMAS Melville of the Australian Defence Force," the statement reads. "We mourn the loss of our Marines and grieve with their families. Please continue to keep all our Marines in your thoughts and prayers."