Wesley: Army modernization 'mission guidance' to be finished in October

By Ashley Tressel / September 4, 2019 at 5:06 PM

The Army's Futures and Concepts Center is planning to publish next month its "annual mission guidance" to accompany the service's 10-year modernization strategy.

FCC director Lt. Gen. Eric Wesley told reporters at the Defense News conference today the guiding document will allow Army Futures Command chief Gen. Mike Murray "to hold the future force enterprise to account for the tasks they have to accomplish on that annual basis in order to get to a future destination," i.e. the battlefield of 2028.

"If I describe what the Army will be in the future in the Army operating concept, or 'Multidomain Operations in 2028,' there has got to be a pathway to get there," he said.

The FCC, activated in December, is tasked with shaping the planned iterations of the multidomain operations concept and describing the future operational environment, involving near-peer adversaries, to a force that has been focused on counterterrorism and counterinsurgency operations.

The new guidance will dictate how the force is to implement the Army's modernization strategy, which the service published in May 2018.