Pentagon turning industrial base review findings into recommendations as April due date approaches

By Marjorie Censer / February 26, 2018

The task force leading a new defense industrial base review recently held an "interim readout" of the effort's initial findings, according to the principal deputy director of the Pentagon's manufacturing and industrial base policy shop.

Jerry McGinn, speaking at a New America event Monday morning, said the readout was held about 10 days ago.

"We presented our draft initial interim findings from the working groups," he said. In those findings, "we identified risks in the manufacturing industrial base from our analysis."

Now, he continued, "we're taking . . . those findings and turning them into recommendations for addressing these risks, and we're still in the process of that."

He said the recommendations are due April 17.

McGinn, speaking to reporters after the event, said there are 15 working groups associated with the industrial base review. Each group has a focus; some are focused on industrial sectors like shipbuilding, ground vehicles or radars, while others are focused on "cross-cutting" capabilities, such as workforce, cybersecurity and electronics.

He also stressed the review remains an interagency effort.

"It's a whole-of-government approach," McGinn said. "We've got a lot of strong participation across the government."