Marine Corps plans MV-22 configuration overhaul to improve readiness

Justin Doubleday | Aug. 26, 2016
The Marine Corps plans to improve the readiness of its MV-22 Ospreys by overhauling its fleet over the next several years until it achieves just a single configuration of the tiltrotor aircraft, according to the service.

Navy set to brief Congress on changes to LCS program

Justin Doubleday | Aug. 26, 2016
The Navy will soon inform Capitol Hill of major changes the service is making to the way it operates Littoral Combat Ships, including a new crewing model, a move away from interchangeable mission packages and a designation of four dedicated test ships, according to sources familiar with the changes.

New Global Hawk ground segment could enable greater commonality

Courtney Albon | Aug. 26, 2016
Raytheon's plans to upgrade the Air Force's Global Hawk ground control segment with a more modular, open architecture could facilitate a more common ground architecture for unmanned air platforms across the services.

Defense Business Alert

Lockheed promotes Gardner

Lockheed Martin said today it has named Greg Gardner vice president of investor relations, beginning Dec. 5.

Defense Budget Alert

New government reports remind Washington that budget landscape remains uncertain

Two "sequestration update" reports issued this week by the White House Office of Management and Budget and the Congressional Budget Office serve as stark reminders that Washington's late August doldrums will soon give way to a period of fiscal uncertainty and bitter partisan spending debates.