Army intends to award follow-on contract for Stryker Double-V Hull A1

By Dan Schere / March 9, 2023 at 12:38 PM

The Army intends to award a follow-on production contract for the Stryker Double-V Hull A1 starting in fiscal year 2026, according to a service request for information posted Thursday.

The Double-V Hull A1 is the newest variant of the Stryker and was developed more than a decade ago to give soldiers additional protection from improvised explosive devices and roadside mines during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Double-V Hull design uses enhanced armor and blast-attenuating seats.

General Dynamics Land Systems produces the DVH A1, and its contract runs through June 2025, according to the notice. The vehicle has been upgraded over the years with engine/powerpack improvements, chassis modifications, in-vehicle network updates and electrical power upgrades.

The government anticipates awarding a follow-on production contract for FY-26 through FY-31, according to the notice.

The RFI states its purpose is to determine capability to produce the DVH A1 from industry. The government hopes to avoid a “substantial duplication of cost or unacceptable delay,” and will use a multiple year requirements contract to establish pricing for the requirements.

The government will assess industry’s capabilities to produce the DVH A1, produce new hulls for the vehicles and other tasks such as configuration management, vehicle inspection and final inspection.