Army partners with Axnes on equipping M88 with wireless intercom system

By Dan Schere / January 16, 2024 at 1:29 PM

Axnes, a company specializing in wireless intercommunication solutions, is partnering with the Army to equip 105 M88A2 Hercules Recovery Vehicles with its PNG Wireless Intercom System, the company announced today.

Axnes is headquartered in Norway and has a U.S. office in Colorado Springs, CO.

Under the collaboration, the Army’s Program Executive Office for Ground Combat Systems will conduct field testing and evaluation of the intercom system on the vehicles, according to a Monday press release from the company. The 105 vehicles comprise three brigades.

The M88A2 is based on the chassis to the Patton tank is designed to recover vehicles that weigh up to 70 tons. In November, BAE Systems won a contract to continue producing the vehicles for the Army.

The intercom system will “provide secure and reliable communication between mounted and dismounted crew members,” and will improve safety and situational awareness, according to Axnes.

The intercom system is hands free and “increases the situational awareness, safety and efficiency while empowering crew members to make informed decisions, optimizing mission outcomes,” according to the company. It features advanced integration into radios and intercom systems, noise and echo-cancelling technology, ultra high frequency “incorporated with a very robust range,” secure communications with an advanced encryption standard, “multiple handset integration and configurations,” enabling soldiers to switch between platforms and more than 10 hours’ worth of battery life at continuous use (30 hours standby).

Cecilie Dybo, Axnes’ director of military business development, said in a statement Tuesday that through this partnership with the Army, the intercom system will “revolutionize the way crew members communicate during recovery missions, ensuring enhanced situational awareness and operational efficiency.”