Army releases RFI for long-range fires intelligence support

By Ashley Tressel / August 23, 2019 at 10:53 AM

The Army has released a request for information on intelligence support to automate and speed up the targeting process.

Service analysts need access to multiple data sources that must be aggregated in real time or close to real time, according to the Aug. 15 RFI.

"The target development process is inefficient due to a variety of tactical architectural limitations," the RFI says. "Currently, information is dispersed in various types of databases and systems across different services and agencies based on platform and sensor types. The needed data is protected by various security protocols and enclaves requiring human intervention. The process is slow and cumbersome, making the information obsolete or not relevant in a [fast-paced] threat scenario."

The notice says the current time to move from detecting a threat to delivering a target takes much longer than the "optimal time frame" and current targeting processes, including "specialized systems and stove-piped data," limit collaboration with operations and intelligence personnel.

The Army is seeking applications to "support [multiple-intelligence] data fusion across data sources and security levels;" to "provide semi-automated or automated workflows supporting real-time target detection and identification, target package creation, fires decision cycles, battle damage assessments;" and to "enable product transition to shooters operating on mission command systems," according to the RFI.