Army Science Board to present findings on human-machine integration study next month

By Dan Schere / June 12, 2024 at 10:31 AM

The Army Science Board will present its findings and recommendations for multiple studies at its summer voting session in Irvine, CA next month, including a study on "Future Human Machine Integration in the Army," according to a Federal Register notice posted today.

Human-machine integration is among the major initiatives of Army modernization top officials, including Army Futures Command Commanding Gen. James Rainey, have championed in recent years.

On July 12, the ASB will review, deliberate and vote on the fiscal year 2024 study, which is unclassified and will be presented in open session.

The board will also review and deliberate an FY-24 study on “Transformation of Intelligence Processing, Exploitation, Dissemination” that focuses on Army warfighting requirements. That study is classified and will be presented in closed session, according to the notice.

Also at the meeting, the ASB will discuss an unclassified FY-24 study on “Enhancing Beneficial Use of Dredged Materials via US Army Corps of Engineers Programs and Projects.”