Bath Iron Works expands benefits, increases cleaning as half of production workforce takes time off

By Marjorie Censer / March 31, 2020 at 12:41 PM

General Dynamics' Bath Iron Works said this week it is increasing the number of crews disinfecting and cleaning work areas as about half of its production workforce uses time-off policies.

The company said that beginning this week, "additional subcontractors will focus on more frequent disinfecting of workspaces and basic housekeeping, allowing BIW production employees to remain dedicated to necessary shipbuilding work."

"The company is actively encouraging employees to take full use of the range of benefits and options including paid vacation and sick time to pursue what they believe are best for themselves and their families," Bath Iron Works added. "About half of the production workforce has availed themselves of the company's time-off policies during this time."

In a letter to employees last week, Dirk Lesko, the president of Bath Iron Works, said the company has "added a range of extra safeguards, expanded benefits and added resources to ensure you have what you need to work safe and be well."

Lesko said an information packet was mailed to workers' homes.

"Unemployment creates incredible challenges that can be impossible to overcome which redoubles my commitment to help keep those who are able to work working safely through this time," he wrote.

The company said it remains aware of only one confirmed coronavirus case at the facility.