DSB, DPB, AFSAB to hold closed meetings

By John Liang / August 28, 2023 at 12:03 PM

The Defense Science Board, Defense Policy Board and Air Force Scientific Advisory Board will each hold closed meetings during the week of Sept. 11, according to Federal Register notices.

The DSB will meet to discuss its summer study on "Climate Change and Global Security," according to a Federal Register notice published this morning.

During the meeting, the board will get "a classified overview of the 2023 Summer Study on Climate Change & Global Security to date from Dr. Eric Evans, the DSB Chair. Next, the DSB members will meet as a group in a plenary session to review the generated study briefing materials and engage in classified discussion(s) regarding anticipating the global stresses and possible conflict due to climate change. Following break, the DSB members will meet in smaller breakout groups to review the study briefing materials and engage in classified discussion regarding anticipating the global stresses and possible conflict due to climate change."

The DPB will receive "classified briefings regarding the People's Republic of China (PRC) and issues related to regional security; interagency perspectives; capability and posture issues for U.S. forces, resourcing issues, and U.S. industrial base considerations," according to a separate notice published this morning.

Speakers expected to brief the DPB include:

  • Assistant Secretary of Defense for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs Ely Ratner;
  • Pentagon Comptroller Mike McCord;
  • Susanna Blume, director of the Pentagon's cost assessment and program evaluation office;
  • U.S. Indo-Pacific Command chief Adm. John Aquilino;
  • Pentagon acquisition chief Bill LaPlante; and
  • Director for Joint Force Development Lt. Gen. Dagvin Anderson.

For the AFSAB, the purpose of that meeting "is to provide dedicated time for members to begin collaboration on research and formally commence the Department of the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board's FY-24 Secretary of the Air Force directed studies," according to an Aug. 25 Federal Register notice.

The AFSAB will consider four studies, although the notice doesn't say what they are about.