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F-35 JPO: DOT&E was unable to incorporate final SDD Block 3F software testing in latest report

By Lee Hudson  
January 30, 2018 at 4:01 PM

The Pentagon's chief weapons tester was unable to incorporate the final iteration of the Joint Strike Fighter's Block 3F software under the system development and demonstration phase because of the deadline for filing the 2017 report, according to the F-35 joint program office.

F-35 program executive officer Vice Adm. Mat Winter said in a statement issued today the software block improves warfighting capability performance with enhanced sensors and targeting, data links, threat countermeasures and weapons.

"The development of F-35 warfighting capability does not end with the delivery of 3F software," Winter said. "It is the foundation upon which continuous enhancements and improvements will be made to increase capabilities that make the F-35 more lethal and survivable."

Winter cites a shift from "Big Bang development and delivery" to a rapid "Continuous Development and Delivery (C2D2) framework" introduced last year.

The JPO does not acknowledge any of the director of operational test and evaluation's nine recommendations for 2017 in the F-35 report released Jan. 24. The recommendations include defining a more realistic schedule for C2D2; reviewing maintenance and reliability data; and completing cybersecurity testing, among other items.