Going Green

By Dan Dupont / October 10, 2008 at 5:00 AM

Monday's Inside the Army -- already posted -- carries a good piece on the service's transition efforts.

A taste:

To prepare for a new presidential administration, the Army is prioritizing the issues a transition team would study while its acquisition staff is working to understand each candidate’s procurement approach, according to top service officials.

In an exclusive interview with Inside the Army last week, Lt. Gen. Ross Thompson, military deputy to the Army acquisition executive, and Dean Popps, the service’s acquisition chief, said work is already under way for the change of control.

The Army as a whole is selecting the top 10 to 15 issues “that are really important to the Army, that we would want to explain to the transition team and a new administration,” said Thompson.

During the Oct. 8 interview, he said those issues will likely be “big picture” plans.

“It’s growing the size of the Army, it’s things that the chief and the secretary talk about, trying to get the Army back in balance from the standpoint of time at home, time deployed, what it takes to do that, changing the Army to a rotational deployment model with this Army Force Generation model, explaining the logic behind all those,” he added.

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