The INSIDER daily digest -- April 5, 2023

By John Liang / April 5, 2023 at 2:12 PM

This Wednesday INSIDER Daily Digest has continuing coverage of this year's Sea-Air-Space Symposium, as well as the Army's proposed unified data reference architecture and the Missile Defense Agency's hypersonic defense system development effort.

We start off again with coverage from this year's Sea-Air-Space Symposium:

CNO: Columbia lags accelerated 78-month delivery timeline, not 84-month schedule

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD -- Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Michael Gilday today provided clarification on the delivery schedule for the Columbia-class submarine program, saying the lead boat is approximately 10% behind the Navy's accelerated 78-month delivery schedule, lagging by roughly 7.6 months.

ONR doubles down on key tech investments

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD -- The Office of Naval Research is doubling down on key technology investments, seeking to inform a strategy that can contend with new global threats and environmental challenges in a rapidly changing world.

Meier: 'I need carriers to come out on time'

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD -- Navy Rear Adm. John Meier, speaking at the Sea-Air-Space conference Tuesday, called the capacity for shipyards to meet construction and delivery dates a "national imperative."

Pentagon seeking trustworthy, reliable AI

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD -- Senior defense officials say they are prioritizing trustworthiness and reliability as they search for new artificial intelligence capabilities.

Navy to expand unmanned operations to 4th Fleet

​NATIONAL HARBOR, MD -- The Navy plans to expand unmanned operations to the 4th Fleet, drawing on experimentation efforts that it has pioneered with Task Force 59 in the 5th Fleet.

Integrated warfighting moving away from 'metal-on-metal solutions'

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD -- A modernized approach to integrated fighting is transforming strategies and the mindset for future maritime combat operations, according to a panel of Navy and Marine Corps leaders speaking Tuesday at the Sea- Air-Space conference.

BAE looks to expand vehicle offerings with ARV competition

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD -- BAE Systems is looking to the Marine Corps' next-generation Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle as an opportunity to expand its product line, competing for an ARV contract with a modified version of its amphibious combat vehicle.

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Unified data reference architecture is a decentralized, data-mesh-based architecture the Army has been developing, Jennifer Swanson, the service's deputy assistant secretary for data engineering and software, told reporters this week:

Army standing up 'innovation exchange' lab

The Army is standing up an "innovation exchange" lab at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD, to test the implementation of the service's planned unified data reference architecture framework.

The Missile Defense Agency's FY-24 budget request details for the first time a development schedule for the GPI program, which aims to develop a new guided-missile interceptor to thwart an ultra-fast maneuvering glide vehicle in the “glide” phase, or midcourse, of flight:

DOD sets 2034 fielding target for Hypersonic Defense system; 17-year development path

The Pentagon plans to field a hypersonic defense system in fiscal year 2034, a target date that falls 17 years after Congress directed the Missile Defense Agency to begin work on the project and a schedule that doesn't appear to reflect the accelerated plans associated with nearly $300 million in additional funding lawmakers gave to the Defense Department's FY-23 budget for the Glide Phase Interceptor.