The INSIDER daily digest -- Dec. 8, 2023

By John Liang / December 8, 2023 at 1:15 PM

This Friday INSIDER Daily Digest has news from the fiscal year 2024 defense authorization conference bill released this week, along with coverage of the Poland-based Aegis Ashore unit and more.

We start off with more Army and Navy coverage of the defense authorization conference bill:

Authorization conferees require Army to inform Congress on tactical vehicles strategy

House and Senate lawmakers agreed to a fiscal year 2024 defense authorization bill that would require the Army to submit a tactical wheeled vehicle strategy every five years, beginning with the FY-25 budget.

Authorizers give go-ahead to Navy's Air Warfare Rapid Capabilities Office

Lawmakers plan to establish a Naval Air Warfare Rapid Capabilities Office to expedite the development, testing and fielding of naval air warfare capabilities, according to the fiscal year 2024 defense policy bill released late Wednesday.

Army active-duty end strength numbers reduced by conferees in FY-24 authorization bill

Conferees reduced the Army's active-duty end strength from 452,000 to 445,000 in the conference version of the fiscal year 2024 defense authorization bill, according to a congressional aide.

Authorizers OK cut in Navy carrier air wings

The Navy will no longer be required to maintain 10 carrier air wings (CVW), according to the fiscal year 2024 defense policy bill released late Wednesday.

The Poland-based Aegis Ashore unit should be ready to go next week:

After 'grossly unacceptable delay,' Aegis Ashore Poland set for Navy inventory, maintenance

Aegis Ashore Poland -- a key component of the Obama administration's 2009 initiative to defend U.S. deployed forces and NATO allies in Europe from Iranian ballistic missile threats -- will drag itself over the finish line next week after five years of construction delays when the Navy formally adds the land-based system to its inventory.

The Marine Corps' No. 2 uniformed officer spoke at a U.S. Naval Institute event this week:

Mahoney: Navy and Marine Corps need a bigger budget for significant force-structure changes

The Navy and Marine Corps will require a larger budget and significant changes in force structure to counter China in a quickly evolving security environment, according to Marine Corps Assistant Commandant Gen. Christopher Mahoney, who is performing the duties of the service's top two positions.

Satellite news:

SDA to add 18 more satellites on T2TL Beta variant satellite constellation

The Space Development Agency is planning to add another 18 space vehicles on the Tranche 2 Transport Layer-Beta variant satellite constellation, according to Derek Tournear, the agency director.