The INSIDER daily digest -- Jan. 23, 2024

By John Liang / January 23, 2024 at 1:55 PM

This Tuesday INSIDER Daily Digest has news on Lockheed Martin's deliveries of F-35 Joint Strike Fighters, the Missile Defense Agency's Next Generation Interceptor program and more.

Lockheed Martin's chief executive discussed his company's quarterly earnings this morning:

F-35s with TR-3 may be delivered even later, Lockheed CEO says

Lockheed Martin may not deliver F-35 Joint Strike Fighters enabled with Technology Refresh 3 until the third quarter of this calendar year, CEO Jim Taiclet said today.

Some missile defense news:

New law extends mandated oversight reporting of NGI program through production phase

The Missile Defense Agency must extend a statutory accountability checklist for the Next Generation Interceptor program that was originally designed to end with the technology development phase after Congress lengthened the mandated reporting regime through production.

Initial reports on new integrated air and missile defense for INDOPACOM due soon

The Pentagon has a new missile defense assignment: craft a comprehensive strategy for developing, acquiring and operationally establishing an integrated air and missile defense architecture for select locations across U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, a 100-million-square-mile region that constitutes more than 50% of the earth's surface.

In case you missed it, here's our deep dive into shipbuilders awaiting news on how much money Congress is going to appropriate for amphibious vessels:

Amphibious warship industrial base is 'underutilized' as LPD procurement pause drags on

With little certainty in the Pentagon's amphibious warship procurement plans, the builders and suppliers that produce these ships are holding their breath as they wait for Congress to complete fiscal year 2024 spending legislation and the Navy to provide a clear shipbuilding forecast.

The Air Force could be on track to finalize the KC-26A full critical design review by the end of the first quarter of this calendar year, or March:

Boeing sends KC-46A's RVS 2.0 critical design review to FAA for airworthiness approval

Boeing has completed the final step for the KC-46A's Remote Vision System 2.0 critical design review, sending the application over to the Federal Aviation Administration, a Boeing spokesperson told Inside Defense.