The INSIDER daily digest -- March 24, 2020

By John Liang / March 24, 2020 at 1:42 PM

This Tuesday INSIDER Daily Digest has news on the defense portion of the coronavirus economic rescue package, the Air Force's tactical missile acquisition portfolio, the Space-based Kill Assessment and more.

We start off with a look into the defense portion of the proposed multitrillion-dollar COVID-19 economic rescue package:

Details emerge on new bills that would pump billions into DOD's coronavirus response

As senators remain stalled over a $1.6 trillion coronavirus economic rescue package, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is circulating her own draft bill that would provide more than $2.5 trillion in emergency funding, including nearly $8 billion in supplemental defense spending.

Inside Defense takes a deep dive into the Air Force's tactical missile acquisition portfolio:

Air Force changes up tactical missile acquisition plans to prepare for high-end fight

Two years after the 2018 National Defense Strategy shifted priorities to near-peer competition, the Air Force is making sweeping changes to its tactical missile acquisition portfolio, divesting from small munitions programs the military spent years building up to support counterterrorism operations.

The Space-based Kill Assessment is now officially part of the Missile Defense System:

Pentagon moving to convert SKA from experiment to operational capability by 2022

The Pentagon has formally adopted the Space-based Kill Assessment as part of the Missile Defense System, delivering an initial variant to U.S. Northern Command in a recently disclosed move that marks a pivot for the small-scale pilot project to utilize commercially hosted satellites to mature the sensor network into an operational capability by 2022.

In case you missed it, here's what the Navy is doing to ensure its industrial base is able to continue supplying the service with needed weapons and equipment:

Geurts directs Navy contracting officers to increase cash flow in response to COVID-19

The Navy's acquisition executive is ordering contracting officers to take steps to increase cash flow to contractors and their supply chains in response to the coronavirus pandemic, according to a memo obtained by Inside Defense.

Document: Geurts memo on withholds, retentions amid COVID-19

The Marine Corps has issued details of its 2030 force design effort:

Marine Corps trimming F-35 squadron numbers, cutting tank battalions in 2030 force design effort

As it gears up to fight China in a period of great power competition, the Marine Corps will trim the size of its F-35 Joint Strike Fighter squadrons and cut all tank battalions in the next 10 years.