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The INSIDER daily digest -- May 16, 2018

By John Liang  
May 16, 2018 at 2:13 PM

The Pentagon's interim "Space Corps" report to Congress leads off this Wednesday INSIDER Daily Digest.

Inside Defense obtained the Pentagon's interim "Space Corps" report to Congress:

DOD's interim 'Space Corps' report highlights ongoing reforms

The Defense Department recently submitted an interim report to Congress on the organization and management of the military space enterprise, and while it doesn't include any evaluation of the proposal to create a separate Space Corps, it does reveal several ongoing efforts to improve space acquisition, budgeting and warfighting.

Document: DOD's interim 'Space Corps' report

Senior Army leaders testified before Senate appropriators this week:

Appropriators seek assurances on Army spending in FY-19

During a May 15 hearing of the Senate Appropriations defense subcommittee, lawmakers queried Army senior leaders about the service’s plans to modernize and called for disciplined execution of its increased funding.

Overseas Contingency Operations money has been shifted to pay for the Army to pre-position equipment in Europe:

House authorizers to move prepositioned stocks for Europe to base budget

Lawmakers aim to support the Army's effort to build a division-sized prepositioned set of equipment in Europe, but would not categorize the move as a wartime expense.

Anti-submarine warfare was a recent area of focus for House authorizers:

House mark-up spotlighted Navy's ASW capability gaps

House lawmakers called attention to a variety of anti-submarine warfare technologies last week in their mark-up of the defense policy bill, and want the Navy secretary to address their concerns in reports and briefings in the future.

The Air Force disagreed with congressional appropriators' decision to add the extra funding for WGS satellites:

Thompson: Air Force may apply innovative acquisition approaches to WGS 11 and 12

The new Pentagon-based vice commander of Air Force Space Command said Tuesday that although the last-minute $600 million plus-up provided in the Fiscal Year 2018 Omnibus Appropriations Act to buy two more legacy Wideband Global Satellite Communications spacecraft was not something the service asked for, the Air Force may be able to apply some "innovative approaches" the way it buys the satellites.

News from our colleagues at Inside Cybersecurity:

DHS releases cyber strategy mandated under 2017 defense act

The Department of Homeland Security today released its "Cybersecurity Strategy," a document required by Congress that addresses issues ranging from risk assessment to threat reduction, which comes amid various calls from Capitol Hill for a detailed explanation of the Trump administration's overall cyber approach.

Document: DHS cybersecurity strategy

More cyber news:

Walls: Commanders key to successful cyber defense

Securing the Army's networks must be solely the commander's responsibility, according to an Army cyber directorate official.

The Air Force is looking for savings in the C-130J program:

Air Force says C-130J multiyear buy will save $572 million

The Air Force estimates its planned multiyear procurement of 52 C-130J variants between fiscal years 2019 and 2023 will save about $572 million compared to an annual procurement approach.