The INSIDER daily digest -- May 25, 2022

By John Liang / May 25, 2022 at 1:45 PM

This Wednesday INSIDER Daily Digest has news on the Army's updated cloud computing framework, the Defense Department's seeking to expand its use of a certain procurement authority and more.

The Army's updated cloud computing plan will contain "a greater level of detail and maturity" for a host of areas, including leveraging commercial cloud computing services, according to a service official:

Army poised to release updated cloud plan in coming months

The Army's updated framework outlining its approach to implementing cloud solutions is in staffing and poised to be released "soon," the head of the service's Enterprise Cloud Management Agency said.

The Pentagon is looking to expand the Special Emergency Procurement Authority to include humanitarian or peacekeeping operations to support requests for combatant commanders:

DOD wants to expand emergency procurement powers to deter Russia, China

The Defense Department wants to expand its use of Special Emergency Procurement Authority to include "gray zone" missions abroad, according to a new legislative proposal sent to Congress.

The Navy will be moving to the MQ-8C Fire Scout sooner than originally planned:

Navy pushes up timeline to phase out MQ-8B

The Navy has pushed up the timeline to fully transition from the MQ-8B Fire Scout variant to the MQ-8C from fiscal year 2024 to the end of this year.

The Marine Corps is the service with the first installation to stop drawing electrical power from its off-base utility provider:

Marine Corps base Albany is first DOD installation to achieve 'net zero' status

Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, GA, officially declared "net zero" status today -- the Defense Department's first installation to meet this milestone.

The Marine Corps' announcement comes the day after the Navy released its new climate action plan:

Navy aims to become climate-ready through new action plan

As coastal installations face rising sea levels, recurring flooding and other disastrous impacts of climate change, the Navy has outlined its course of action to build a climate-ready force by 2030.

Document: Navy's climate action 2030 plan