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The INSIDER daily digest -- Nov. 3, 2017

November 3, 2017 at 2:00 PM

In today's INSIDER Daily Digest, the Pentagon demonstrated a hypersonic glide vehicle late last month and contractors are readying for another continuing resolution.

First up, we have the latest on Flight Experiment-1, a high-stakes assessment three years in the making by the Defense Department's Conventional Prompt Strike program:

DOD flies experimental hypersonic payload; claims success, technological advances

The Pentagon successfully demonstrated a hypersonic glide vehicle Oct. 30, lofting an experimental payload on a rocket from Hawaii that -- during its ultra-fast, unpowered flight to the Marshall Islands across the upper reaches of the atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean – verified technological advances relevant to a potential future U.S. military hypersonic strike system.

Several defense contracting executives say they don't expect a fiscal year 2018 budget any time soon:

Defense contractors brace for extended continuing resolution

Several defense contractors said this week they expect the continuing resolution now in place until Dec. 8 to be extended significantly longer.

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) criticized the Pentagon for not advancing what he described as a relatively simple solution to take down a ballistic missile:

Congressman says F-35s could take down North Korea’s missiles in boost phase

A congressman on the House Armed Services Committee claimed today F-35 Joint Strike Fighters could shoot down North Korea’s ballistic missiles in their boost phase and faulted the Missile Defense Agency and the Pentagon for failing to come up with a timely solution to Kim Jong Un’s nuclear warhead program.

The Air Force is moving forward on a new space situational awareness effort:

Air Force partnering with NRO on 'Silent Barker' space mission

Air Force Space Command is partnering with the National Reconnaissance Office on a classified space situational awareness program called “Silent Barker.”

This week's Inside the Air Force features several key Air Force stories:

AMC to pilot new fleet-management approach with C-17 next spring

ORLANDO, FL -- Air Mobility Command is preparing to change the way it manages aircraft fleets that could extend the life of its platforms and give them more flexibility to respond to operational needs.

Air Force takes next steps toward modularity for legacy aircraft

The Air Force plans to pursue a program of record in its fiscal year 2021 budget request for its AgilePod, a system that allows an aircraft to quickly add and change out sensors for different missions, a service spokesman said this week.

AMC to establish Tanker Airlift Control Center as program of record

ORLANDO, FL -- As the Air Force modernizes its geographic Air Operations Centers under the pathfinder upgrade program, Air Mobility Command is working to establish its global AOC as a program of record that is better integrated with the regional network.