The INSIDER daily digest -- Oct. 31, 2017

October 31, 2017 at 2:25 PM

In today's INSIDER Daily Digest, we have the latest on the industrial base review underway at the Pentagon, last night's hearing with top Trump administration officials and contractor earnings reports.

The Pentagon, which has been conducting an industrial base review following an executive order this summer, is calling on industry to help:

Pentagon issues emergency information collection on industrial base

The Defense Department has issued an “emergency” information collection in connection with the industrial base review underway.

Last night, appearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis expressed his concern that Congress is not promptly advancing Pentagon nominees:

Mattis whacks Congress on stalled nominations

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis today criticized lawmakers for holding up President Trump’s nominations for top Pentagon positions.

Harris Corp., KBR and Oshkosh all reported quarterly earnings this morning:

Harris Corp. announces flat sales; KBR and Oshkosh report increased government revenue

Harris Corp. today reported flat sales and profit during its most recent quarter.

Speaking to Inside Defense at a conference today, a Navy official said Knifefish is advancing through its testing regimen.

Knifefish to begin government-run testing in January

The Navy's Knifefish undersea vehicle will begin sea acceptance testing this week, marking the final series of contractor trials before the system enters developmental testing in January, according to a service official.

The acting director of operational test and evaluation is raising questions about how to test a key F-35 system.

Top weapons tester concerned about F-35 logistics system's cybersecurity, reliability

The Pentagon's top weapons tester says the F-35's Autonomic Logistics Information System presents his office with a “conundrum,” since the system's central server is owned by Lockheed Martin and not the government.

And finally, a Navy official said at a conference last week that the Navy will start focusing on growing its inventory of ships in the fiscal year 2019 budget:

Navy official: Service owes industry 355-ship fleet 'demand signal' in future budgets

ANNAPOLIS, MD -- The Navy owes industry a "demand signal" in future budgets of its commitment to growing the fleet to 355-ships, according to a service official.