The INSIDER daily digest -- Sept. 3, 2020

By Marjorie Censer / September 3, 2020 at 2:31 PM

This Thursday INSIDER Daily Digest includes the latest on Gremlins repairs, the new slate of flight experiments at an Air Force Research Laboratory directorate and LMI’s new chief executive.

The third phase of the Gremlins program began with five vehicles, but one was lost after a parachute malfunction last year:

Gremlins mishap could extend air-recovery system testing into 2021

One of the Pentagon’s four X-61A Gremlins is undergoing repairs after suffering damage during a July test -- the program’s second mishap in less than nine months -- and therefore will not participate in the long-awaited first experiment with the air recovery system that was delayed to this fall.

The space vehicles directorate within the Air Force Research Laboratory has selected two experiments out of a pool of 27 submissions:

AFRL space vehicle directorate announces VLEO and cislunar experiments

The Air Force Research Laboratory’s space vehicles directorate this week announced its next slate of flight experiments -- one focused on very low Earth orbit and a second focused on cislunar space domain awareness.

The new chief executive of LMI sat down with Inside Defense to talk about how the company is managing through the pandemic:

LMI task force looking at how to apply company’s services during pandemic

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, LMI has convened a company-wide task force to consider the associated business opportunities.

The Navy is moving forward with its operational architecture’s capability framework, which lays out how the architecture supports the service’s two keystone concepts of operation:

Navy advances ‘operational architecture’ for storing, analyzing, moving data

Senior Navy leadership last month approved the capability framework for the service’s “operational architecture,” an overarching document that describes how the Navy will analyze and transmit data in the future distributed fleet envisioned by military brass.