Leonardo DRS awarded $206M for Mounted Family of Computer Systems II

By Jaspreet Gill / June 25, 2020 at 2:36 PM

Leonardo DRS today announced it was awarded a $206 million contract by the Army to deliver vehicle installation kits, called I-Kits, for the service’s next-generation Mounted Family of Computer Systems II.

The company "will provide cables, brackets and other associated hardware to support installation of MFoCS II ware onto ground vehicle platforms" under the three-year contract, a June 25 press release says.

"The MFoCS II systems are a family of mission-critical platform processors, tablets and rugged displays which enable the use of Joint Battle Command-Platform and the Army’s next generation Mounted Mission Command capability," according to the release.

Leonardo DRS in 2018 was awarded an $841 million contract by the Defense Information Systems Agency to produce updated mission command computing systems for the MFoCS II, including dismounted tablets, touch-screen display units and other equipment.

The first generation of the MFoCS is currently fielded on combat and tactical vehicles.