Lockheed Martin executive: Reported Navy hack did not impact Aegis Common Source Library

By Mallory Shelbourne / January 15, 2019 at 1:41 PM

A recently reported hack of Navy contractors did not affect Lockheed Martin's Aegis Common Source Library, according to a company executive.

Lockheed's Naval Combat & Missile Defense Systems Vice President Jim Sheridan made the remark during a media briefing with reporters Tuesday at the Surface Navy Association's annual symposium.

Lockheed bills its Aegis Common Source Library as a combat system that supports "software reuse and commonality across all modernized and new Aegis systems."

The Wall Street Journal reported in December that hackers believed to be associated with China’s government infiltrated U.S. Navy contractors.

The Navy initiated a review of its cyber security practices, according to the report, which cited American officials attributing the breaches to China.

Sheridan emphasized that combatting cyber security threats is "a continuous journey in evolution."

"The requirements continue to raise the bar on what we do and defensive posture to fend off cyberattacks," he said.