Marine Corps seeks info from industry on Marine Air Defense Integrated System components

December 4, 2018 at 5:11 PM

The Marine Corps' acquisition arm is requesting information from industry on two components for its Marine Air Defense Integrated System (MADIS), which is expected to go on the service's Joint Light Tactical Vehicle.

Marine Corps Systems Command issued two separate requests for information on Federal Business Opportunities this week. The first notice, posted Dec. 3, is for a Drone Kinetic Defeat Capability, while the second, posted Dec. 4, is for a radar.

"To best support the MADIS requirements, [Program Manager Ground Based Air Defense] has a requirement to integrate and deliver a radar with the capability to detect, track and enable identification of the range of threats under [Low Altitude Air Defense] area of responsibility," the Dec. 4 notice reads.

"The radar Technology Readiness Level should be eight (8) or greater. The cost per radar should not exceed $1M," it continues.

The kinetic defeat capability must be able "to defeat the range of threats under [Low Altitude Air Defense] area of responsibility, at the halt or on the move," according to the Dec. 3 notice, which also notes a "solution will consist of an aerial platform that is capable of integration into the [Ground Based Air Defense Future Weapons Systems]- MADIS in order to complete the kill chain for Group 1 and 2 unmanned aerial systems."

Both notices say industry should include the size, costs for each system and procurement timelines in the replies.

Responses to the RFI for drone kinetic defeat capability and radar are due Dec. 18 and 19, respectively.