Navy green lights 'props and jets' for use with new arresting gear

By Justin Katz  
August 12, 2019 at 2:33 PM

The Navy announced today that it has cleared the Advanced Arresting Gear to recover "all props and jets."

The AAG is now approved to recover C-2A Greyhounds and E-2C Hawkeyes as well as F/A-18s and E/A-18s, according a Navy statement.

The announcement was made internally to the service on Aug. 2 through an Aircraft Recovery Bulletin.

"Release of the ARB signifies 'Naval Air Systems Command's stamp of approval' for the AAG system to safely recover these type/model/series aircraft aboard the Navy's newest class of aircraft carriers," said Jeff McLean, deputy program manager for AAG System Design and Development.

AAG is one of more than 20 new technologies being incorporated onto the service's Gerald Ford-class aircraft carriers.