Oshkosh says 'pause button' has been hit on foreign sales opportunities in Saudi Arabia

November 6, 2018 at 1:27 PM

Oshkosh still sees foreign sales opportunities in the Middle East, but concerns over the alleged murder of a journalist by Saudi Arabia are creating a "pause" on sales to that country.

Wilson Jones, Oshkosh's chief executive, did not mention the alleged murder directly, but said "what has changed" in the Middle East is "just the pause button" as an investigation takes place.

"We still see positive opportunities in the Middle East -- maybe not as much in the Kingdom [of Saudi Arabia] today as they work through this current issue -- but around the Kingdom, there are other allies," he said at a Baird conference.

Additionally, Jones noted he expects foreign orders of the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle could start late next year or into 2020.